Being Sick at Carleton

Being Sick at Carleton

Being Sick at Carleton

This past week, I’ve been dealing with a terrible cold that keeps me up all night because of a persistent cough that will not go away. Besides that, I get fevers in the night time, I have lost all sense of smell and I can barely hear anything at this point. And the worst of all, I have a runny nose — one that needs to be blown every five minutes.

I’ve gotten sick each month this year, every cold lasting about two weeks each. That means that I’ve been sick the same amount of time that I’ve been healthy. Luckily, I live not too far outside of the Twin Cities, and I’m able to commute into town to see my primary care doctor for any cold that I come down with. But there are also services that you can seek out in Northfield. First stop is SHAC. SHAC stands for Student Health and Counseling, and you’re able to be seen for minor colds and/ or counseling. SHAC does offer health appointments by both appointment and walk-in for when you suddenly wake up sick one day. SHAC conveniently also offers a phone number you can call and ask to see if they offer services for the symptoms that you are experiencing. If not, you will be directed to a local clinic in town that is better suited. SHAC is located in the ground level of Davis.

If you have an important assignment coming up while you’ve come down with a cold, make sure you communicate with your professors. It can be nerve wracking to ask for an extension on a paper/ major assignment, but it’s always worth a shot to ask. My advice on when and when to not ask for an extension is this: If you feel sick enough to go out of your way (to the clinic), to get your illness checked out by a medical professional and have documentation of your visit, then you can and should ask for an extension. If you feel a slight headache or some kind of body pain from injuring yourself, then I would refrain from asking unless the pain worsens.

I’ve only ever had to ask for an extension one time, which was this past weekend, in my almost three terms of being at Carleton. But, I have missed classes due to illness. If that is ever the case, make sure to communicate with your professor(s) beforehand, letting them know that you’ll be out of class because of [Insert Illness/ Symptoms Here]. After which, you should set up a meeting with your professor or a classmate so you can get caught up with whatever you missed in class.

Most importantly, you need to get lots of rest and drink a lot of fluids while you’re sick, because once you are sick, there’s little to nothing that can be done. Make sure you’re taking your vitamins, drinking enough water, and eating healthy foods. It’s important to take care of your body, especially when you’re under a lot of stress from school work/ activities. But, getting sick is inevitable and will happen to everyone at least once or twice a school year.

“How cold does it actually get in Minnesota?” is the phrase that first-year, Minnesota-born Yadari is already tired of explaining. Besides speaking about the weather, Yadari enjoys working out and doing anything of which shouldn’t be left for tomorrow, today. And of course, long walks on any of the 10,000 lakes here in Minnesota, if and only if they are not frozen solid or a safety hazard Buy Essay Online Cheap. Read on to meet the rest of our bloggers.

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