A Global Community of Carls

A Global Community of Carls

A Global Community of Carls


It’s me again, reporting to you live from the town of cows, colleges, and most importantly, contentment! I’m back in the office after taking a short-but-much-needed-trip to Brooklyn and Woodstock, VT to visit some of my friends who just graduated in the Spring. Inspired by our weekend shenanigans, today I will be writing about how being a part of the Carleton community means having friends all over the country, and the world!

So obviously when you go to college, you’re going to meet a whole bunch of new people from various walks of life and have a blast together for the next four years. But what is it like maintaining these friendships after Carleton? Can you remain close to the people who have meant so much when everyone is out in the real world? The answer is HECK YEAH!

If you’ve read my previous blog post, you’ll remember that I was supposed to graduate with the class of 2019 until I took a year off in Korea. So when I came back to the US this summer, my closest friends were in a transition period of life, moving to new cities, starting new jobs, and being full-fledged adults! Two of my close friends, Rachel and Sarah, had just moved in together into an apartment in Brooklyn and thought it would be a wonderful idea to host a gathering Mypaperwriter plagiarism of friends in their new home. Plus, Rachel had been thinking about going up to her family’s cabin in Vermont so it was bound to be one heck of a good time!

After work last Thursday, I flew in to JFK and met up with James (who’s working in Chicago), Chelsea (working in the Twin Cities), Joey (grad school in Hong Kong), Elaine (working in Hong Kong), and Rachel (working in New York) in Brooklyn. We went out to celebrate everyone’s graduation and to the coming adventures to be had. What a fun place to go out!

Early the next morning, we all packed our bags and got in the car to make the 5 hour drive to Vermont. New England is just so beautiful in the summer — the drive was even more amazing because we listened to a custom roadtrip playlist from Rachel’s brother the entire way up. Making the occasional restroom stop, we found ourselves in Woodstock by the early afternoon and immediately jumped into the pond in the backyard. Then I, in all my wet glory, introduced myself to Rachel’s parents (both Carleton, and Vanderbuilt law grads) which probably made quite the first impression.

We spent the weekend frolicking in the famous Woodstock fields, grilling salmon, ropeswinging into the Queechee, riding ATV’s, playing Hearts, and spilling all the latest tea! It was truly an incredible weekend — one I will always remember. It was reassuring beyond words to know that we could all stay so closely connected even when we were off the Carleton campus. Saying goodbye to them on Sunday night was extremely difficult. After all, I don’t know when the next time will be when we’re all in the same place at the same time. 

Yay friends!!That’s the thing about Carleton: it’s a very small community but that makes us all the more closer to each other. It always surprises me just how many people stop to talk about their connection to Carleton with me when I wear Carleton gear in the airport during my travels. Anywhere I go in the world, whether that is Asturias, Seoul, New Delhi, Berlin, or San Francisco, I know that there will be a Carl with whom I have some sort of connection not too far off. And that just blows my mind! Anyway, it was sad saying goodbye to my friends, but I cannot wait to hear about all the cool things they get up to. I am already so proud and humbled to know such incredible individuals and this pride, I’m sure, will only continue to grow as time goes on. I know it won’t be long until we see one another again.

Chris is a senior Political Science/International Relations major and Philosophy and French double minor. He’s super into podcasts, NYT crossword puzzles, jazz, and cooking. You can catch him scatting with the Vocal Jazz Ensemble, smashing balls on the tennis court — or perhaps buying too much bread at the farmer’s market, re-re-re-reading Foucault, frantically cycling to get to a meeting he’s late to, or crawling up the steep stairs in Willis.

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